New Audio! (go check it OUT)

2014-04-13 22:48:10 by Zemikian

Just got through making the first tr2905963_139744364962_FinalePic.jpgack/title sequence of the new film I'm scoring listenable. Oh yeah, BTW I'm scoring a no-budget film which I'm also acting in (probably would have been a good precursor post to this one but...). Sorry I've been out for like ever, lot of stuff going on. Will be getting back in the loop and publishing some of the old projects just to get my head above water soon. Tah tah for now :b

Clock Day 2013!

2013-08-15 21:43:29 by Zemikian

I decided I would take a load off and make something silly for Clock Day. The result is my submission. Check it out!

Clock Day 2013!

Scrapping Project

2013-08-01 21:39:24 by Zemikian

Recently, I was informed by a viewer of my latest work-in-progress that my animation is merely a rip-off of other works. My goal was to create something entirely my own, but upon viewing my project now, I too see how similar it is to my inspiration. I am at a point where the sole purpose of continuing this project would be to finish what I started. I will post the finished product sooner now, as I will be more consumed with creating an original character of my own (God help me...). Thanks for your support and sorry.

Animation Struggles

2013-07-29 21:19:45 by Zemikian

I am still creating an animation; however, as the only person who its end product will be soothing is myself, I decided to take my sweet time on it. anyone wants to see the first (old, and unfinished) scene, PM me. Thanks for any support.

New Flash Project

2013-07-21 01:43:02 by Zemikian

So I thought I'd blog because animating has reached its threshold for the night. I finally got through the first transition of a new animation I'm designing. I just hope somebody will like the end result. Of course, there's also the problem of getting absolutely anyone to notice it... Anyways, here's a screenshot giving away not too much of my upcoming flash.

New Flash Project

First Flash Ever

2013-07-02 20:45:42 by Zemikian

Just posted my first creation in flash and had it pass judgement. Next stop: programming in AS3